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Richard Ditlevsen, HOF,  AKA Ricky D has the record for being the stuntman most featured in the National Enquirer's centerfolds. Here he is on one of his gags for the National Enquirer 1987. He will set many world marks while under the employ of the #1,  world's largest print syndication. After nearly a decade he will amass many records and with little irony he will set two records that are still his today. He sold 4.2 million magazines in one week,  which is a record but he did that twice in his career. Of all his world marks, Richard is most proud of these two accomplishments today.More than you know.

What member of No Fire Technology was a racer, general contractor, banker, and worked for the National Enquirer ?

He is the Inventor of the digital media product, V-Pix a product advertised in full-page ads in Automotive News worldwide for many years.


Richard G. Ditlevsen at his studios in California.

The chairman of Global Media building one of the most reputable Ad Agencies Consulting Firms in America and the Founder of a National Television Network, ESN on Dish 230. His companies have generated millions of dollars for his clients. 

He is considered as one of the greatest stuntmen in history setting 33 world records many of which he still holds today. He also has the second longest running world record in history when in 1984 he leaped over 10 boats with a jet ski, dubbed Evil Ski-Nevel by the media. Second only by a few months to the incredibly frighting blast of over a 310 mph run on water in a hydroplane by Ken Warby. A truly admirable person to be second too when considering 85% of all who attempted that world record were killed trying. World records are not inexpensive.

Richard Ricky D Ditlevsen, HOF Hall of Fame ring.

These exploits for the National Enquirer and others resulted with his 1991 induction into the Stunt World Hall of Fame as one of the great stuntmen of all time.

Richard Flying Dutchman, Ditlevsen, HOF in the Rex Hutchison Racing Engines, Downtown Ford, PacWest, West Capitol Speedway Tognotti Star SupermodifiedStill actively racing, in his early years he was a hard nose racer driving under the pseudonym VonRichards the Flying Dutchman and living by the mantra. “Ride’n High, live’n life like I’m never gonna die.”

Richard Dutchman, sitting in his beloved Ditlevsen, HOF 2011-2012 Hall of Fame Champ C

He was an Indy Car Team Member and is featured in the world’s encyclopedia, Wikipedia. 

This man is our CEO Richard G. Ditlevsen, HOF

Richard G. Ditlevsen, HOF founder of No Fire TechnologyMr. Ditlevsen, HOF is the inventor of the most powerful firefighting compounds in the world.  NFT markets these products in America and they’re used in144 countries around the world today.

The Flying Dutchman has been betting his life on his invention for a decade and would never even consider strapping up in any racer without using UNISOAK AB-238 compounded for meta aramids.

Richard Ditlevsen, HOF, Indy Car Team Member

He’s been a pioneer and leader in whatever field he has chosen. By any measure, a winner.

All of us here at our national HQ consider working with him as a privilege an enjoy all his passion for saving lives and injury.

Richard Ditlevsen general contractors license at the age of 21

Thanks to my friend and fellow racer.

Thank you for your contribution to motor-sports and the world.

We salute our co-worker and leader, Mr. Richard G. Ditlevsen, HOF who walks the walk and talks the talk.