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   ‘PAYOLA’ THE LAST TOGNOTTI. Here’s a very rare pic. Nope, Nah. You think it’s the legendary sprint car, and supermodified chassis builder JB actually smiling. He’s smiling for just a brief moment, and we caught him. Yep! However, we can’t blame him because he’s starring at a very rarified 1969 426 Hemi. Let alone that he’s rebuilding the last 1970 Tognotti’s Speed Shop SuperModified chassis ever inventoried at their headquarters in Sacramento California.

JB is responsible for completely rebuilding the chassis around a remarkable 1,500hp Beast.

This chassis was originally built for the Worlds Fastest Clay Quarter Mile Oval in Sacramento, West Capital Speedway. Don Tognotti also owned that fabled track as a side note.

This incredible creation has Rex Hutchison Racing Engines, JB Racing Components, Sellers Race Wings, Don Virga Speed Equipment, and Tognottis Speed Shops collaborating on something far out of the box but still in the era of 1970. As you can see the chassis is being constructed around the Monstrous 426 Hemi and JB is on it as we write.

The engine is so ‘ginormous’ JB needed to cut half the chassis away from the little racer just to receive the Huge426 Hemi racing engine block in mock!

Slatted for the seat, from Dallas Texas, Big Foot vonRichards, the Flying Dutchman.

Stay tuned for the entire build of, Project Payola The Last Tognotti.

[Sacramento California is the renowned home to the first oval dirt race ever held in America in 1906. The race on the mile at the California State Fairgrounds had the iconic Barney Oldfield finish 4th that glorious day]

Thomas Lancaster Sr. Writer NFT