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On a molecular level, Meta Aramids are shaped like a piece of macaroni

Meta Aramids were invented by Willford Sweeney a Dupont chemist in the very early 60’s.

It was when he returned from a weekend he discovered this material at the top of a vat.

Curiously he worked with the fibrous material not thinking a lot about it.

Then in the early ’60s Racing was encountering tragic deaths by fire, a solution was needed.

Image result for auto racing uniformsThe racing community went to the most advanced chemical company in the world where they presented the problem.

After more experiments, the fibrous material was made into a filament and it was discovered that it was flame retardant.

Meta Aramids descend from Nylon 66 a petroleum-based product. So it was a unique discovery that something generally so flammable would not easily ignite.

Meta Aramids are now routinely used where the material is subjected to heat.

Space suits, racing uniforms as well as other space-related items are large consumers of these products.

Meta Aramids are considered the best fire fighting material in the world. They continue to lead as the best performing fibrous material for firefighting at this time.

As a note, Meta Aramids treated with No fire Technology compounds perform at significantly higher temperatures and unseen durations of time.