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There are many of us here who race and we use treated Meta Aramids made by DuPont.

With that said some actually wear all cotton race suites treated with AB-238 in the UNISOAK product. Using this product makes us feel we have much more than 3 -5 seconds of protection.

Without a doubt.

Understand that number [3-5] on the uniform you just bought is for the seconds it’s going to protect you.

Watch the vids and you will know why all of us use the UNISOAK product every time we race. If you wash it, you must retreat.

Some of us race on the dirt in sprint cars, supermodifieds, and dirt champ cars. There are a lot of high-pressure hoses in the cockpit like no other race series in the world. Imagine, I said in the cockpit. Wow  

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So, myself, I apply a good soaking by spray on the entire uniform then after its cured, I dip the entire lower extremities up to my waist for added protection then let it cure. To each there own. I remember a guy once made fun of me because I had an eight hundred dollar carbon helmet. I told him I have an eight hundred dollar head. Just a thought ……


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