…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen asked Mr. Denney former Co-founder President, CEO, and Chairman of SERVPRO International Company to become an adviser. Mr. Denney agreed to this. Mr. Ditlevsen will be using Mr. Denney for advice regarding going public, raising capital, setting up some sort of franchising element, etc.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen requested Mr. Denney review his structure of SERVPRO for templating his success for No Fire Technology. Mr. Denney will be coming to meetings with this in mind from now on.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney discussed making all franchisees as possible millionaires. That he said is one of the keys to success for his former company and what propelled it to become a billion-dollar company. Mr. Ditlevsen agreed and more discussions are upcoming.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen discussed with Mr. Denney the products, new products, and upcoming certifications No Fire technology is obtaining.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney spent significant time discussing the franchising, product lines of No Fire Technology, and the comparisons to his former company SERVPRO. There was wide agreement about the future for No Fire Technology in these comparisons. More discussions are scheduled.