…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen continued discussions regarding his background with SEC filings.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney elaborated about the acquisition of certs he was able to do for SERVPRO. Mr. Ditlevsen reiterated to Mr. Denney how savvy he was when he seized upon the opportunity presented to him at that time. Mr. Ditlevsen explained the current environment for fire certs and the difficulty obtaining them in the context of today’s real world. Both agree these are different times.

Mr. Ditlevsen discussed certs are the domain of No Fire Laboratories. The laboratories’ only jobs are creating, pretesting, and acquisitions of these complex certifications.


…..in a meeting today telephonically with Mr. Ditlevsen, Mr. Denney and, Mr. Vasquez all are in agreement that the addition of merchandise is important and could create substantial earnings for all of the Master Satellites. Furthering the line will become more important as time goes on. Developing this lineup as part of the corporate structure and full implementation is planned.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney discussed the importance of helping local fire departments sell and buy used heavy equipment from each other and believe this is a service incumbent on No Fire Technology to provide them. Both agree this is an area of significant importance serving our brothers in the firefighting community.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen telephonically communicated with the VP of internet operations, Mr. Argawal that the website will continue to increase its importance to the company as a whole. Specifically addressing the Corporate Master Satellites use as a backbone to ordering online and being credited for the sales by zip codes.

Merchandise is going to be a large portion of supplemental revenue drivers for the Master Satellites. Mr. Argawal is keenly aware of Mr. Ditlevsen’s directions and will diligently work with all of the Master Satellites facilitating a seamless ordering system.

Mr. Denney and Mr. Vasquez were made aware of the contents of the meeting and are in agreement.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney see the addition of firefighting heavy equipment as a significant product. Both agree that this is a product line that needs to be integrated into the product lineup.

Both assert to reach out to manufactures in regards to these products.


….in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen discussed SEC filings and the importance of a pubic offering for No Fire Technology. Meetings are scheduled regarding furthering the prospects of the fulfillment of this corporate ambition.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney are considering expanding positions for VP of Heavy Equipment and VP of Merchandising. Both agreed discussions will continue in upcoming meetings.


….in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney suggested moving forward with a VP of Used Heavy Equipment to further accommodate our brothers in firefighting at the local level. This is considered a company directive now.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen were discussing the options of a public offering over the counter. This subject is prominently on most meeting’s agenda now.

Also discussed were the possible candidates for new executive positions as they open up.


….in a meeting today Mr. Vasquez indicated to Mr. Ditlevsen that concluding a deal with Walmart will ensure another deal with Amazon.

Mr. Ditlevsen forwarded this new development to Mr. Denney in another meeting later.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney expressed to Mr. Ditlevsen the importance of No Fire Technology’s public image. In light of the internet, it’s clear that no longer can a company ill ran escape the scrutiny of its failures. Both agreed based on their collective personal experiences the way forward is satisfying our customers is far and away the best way to ensure a positive public image.  

Mr. Denney’s many years of experience have enabled him to watch the dramatic decline of a companies reputation regardless of how much money they made and its terrible outcome.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen discussed moving closer to a public offering.