Richard Ditlevsen, HOF“Our mission is to manufacture, bring our products to markets around the world and create business opportunities for sellers marketing our most advanced proprietary products.”

R. G. Ditlevsen, CEO

No Fire Technology leads with Innovation and solutions as a premier manufacturer of the world’s most advanced firefighting compounds and products.

The fire remains one of the most destructive forces of nature. Meeting that challenge today is No Fire Technology, [NFT] by worldwide distribution of the proprietary patent pending compound, AB-238

Created nearly a decade ago, the non-toxic environmentally safe AB-238 compound works by stopping a fire before it starts, stops flame pass-through, holds all fibers together and most remarkably stops nearly all thermal heat transfer.

Developed to defend against fueled fire incidents in high-level motorsports the compound has certainly found far more uses in the private sector. Home builders recognized the new product as a safety upsells to customers expanding their margins.

People who live in high fire danger areas now defend their properties from fire by dispersing the compound on decks, roofing, barns, fencing and the home itself. Others use the compound to create new products. Nearly everyone who uses our product has a new application for it.

No Fire Technology can also be your partner in business as we expand our footprint worldwide.

Contact our representatives about how you can create a path to independent generational wealth in your own firefighting business with an exclusive NFT Territorial Satellite.  

NFT has over two dozen brands of fire retardants among other proprietary firefighting and thermal barrier products.

We help you with an exclusive territory, NFT proprietary products, and marketing tools to build your own No Fire Technology Territorial Satellite.

Success only comes when two things meet, preparation and opportunity. Your opportunity has arrived, it’s up to you.