…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen asked Mr. Denney former Co-founder President, CEO, and Chairman of SERVPRO International Company to become an adviser. Mr. Denney agreed to this. Mr. Ditlevsen will be using Mr. Denney for advice regarding going public, raising capital, setting up some sort of franchising element, etc.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen requested Mr. Denney review his structure of SERVPRO for templating his success for No Fire Technology. Mr. Denney will be coming to meetings with this in mind from now on.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney discussed making all franchisees as possible millionaires. That he said is one of the keys to success for his former company and what propelled it to become a billion-dollar company. Mr. Ditlevsen agreed and more discussions are upcoming.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen discussed with Mr. Denney the products, new products, and upcoming certifications No Fire technology is obtaining.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney spent significant time discussing the franchising, product lines of No Fire Technology, and the comparisons to his former company SERVPRO. There was wide agreement about the future for No Fire Technology in these comparisons. More discussions are scheduled.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney advised Mr. Ditlevsen to stay away from franchising because of all the legal issues. Mr. Denney explained he needed a room full of lawyers to constantly deal with the legality that was always changing. Mr. Ditlevsen agreed and a better way forward is going to be talked about in later meetings.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney talked about the problems inherent with franchising. Mr. Ditlevsen suggested LLC’s and Mr. Denney was in full agreement. He further suggested making them operate like the franchise without being a franchise. 


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney went over the details of the franchising agreements in collaboration. Through the collaborations, Mr. Denney suggested giving the LLC 90 % of the net profits as was customary with his SERVPRO Industries Company. Mr. Ditlevsen suggested the new entities be called Master Satellites. There was an issue of potential harm being brought on the corporate side if there was an issue with these Master Satellites and how the corporate side could mitigate its exposure. This is the policy now. More will be discussed in upcoming meetings.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen were working on mitigation of harm from the Master Satellites to corporate. Mr. Denny hypothesized that ownership could help alleviate this potential harm. Mr. Denney suggested that corporate should own enough of the Satellite to stop the harm it may be doing to corporate at that time. Both agreed and this is the policy now. More discussions are to addressed in upcoming meetings.


…..in a meeting today the Master Satellite Program was prominently discussed. Mr.Denney suggested that corporate own 60% and Satellite own 40% so that upon mismanagement that could not be resolved there would be a way for corporate to fix it. The Master Satellite would pay corporate to set the LLC up. Mr. Denney said if a remedy cannot be agreed on that the full reimbursement of the Master Satellite origination and licensing fees be returned to the Master Satellite owner. Mr. Denney further suggested that corporate doesn’t want to take the Master Satellite unless there is no alternative to fixing it. Mr. Ditlevsen added we are not in the business of running the Master Satellites. We are on the national and international side of this for the business expansion and the 10% the corporation makes is all the corporation wants at the end of the day. Both agree and are policy today. More details about Master Satellites will be discussed in the next meeting.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney defined what SERVPRO did with its franchisees. He told Mr. Ditlevsen the franchises ran the entire franchise, hired, fired, purchased equipment, paid their taxes, etc. Mr. Ditlevsen agreed and is the policy now.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen proposed carrying a line of Turn Out Gear for firefighters. Mr.Denney agreed to make this a part of the No Fire Technology product lineup.


….in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen elaborated on the separate relationships between No Fire Technology and No Fire Laboratories with Mr. Denney. Both agree they’re totally separate entities with exclusive but symbiotic relationships. 


….in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen discussed at length the product lines with Mr. Denney. Mr. Denney is in complete agreement with the voluminous line to include merchandise. 

Both agreed that merchandise is desirable and a perfect fit for No Fire Technology.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen reviewed No Fire Laboratories retardant compounds with Mr. Denney. The topic of discussion was each of the brand’s unique compounding for various substrates they’re engaged with.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney proposed to Mr. Ditlevsen the zip code allocation method for determining Master Satellite territorial boundaries. This was adopted as company policy. 


…..in a meeting today consulting Mr. Ditlevsen, Mr. Denney expressed his belief that No Fire Technology has a brighter future than his company SERVPRO Indutries Inc because No Fire Technology has hundreds and hundreds of products and far more services than his company he co-founded.

He went even further with comparisons, “my company was looked at as a janitorial service and No Fire Technology has the cache of being preeminent in the fire fighting business. That is an envious, desirous job and business that many people have dreamed of”


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen discussed the multiple platitudes of marketing strategies No Fire Technology is embarking on. Both Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen are committed to building strong Corporate Master Satellites (similar to franchises).

It was Mr. Denney’s belief that over-educated college graduates are not always the best candidates for real business owners getting their hands dirty doing whatever it takes to become successful as an entrepreneur. It takes mental and physical toughness not as prevalent as in the past.

Both Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen want to create millionaires as owners of the Corporate Master Satellites by giving them all the support and tools they need to succeed. Both further the idea when the Master Satellites become rich it enriches the company. It’s agreed now as company policy


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney suggested the ‘five around’ which he was the first to envision as a marketing strategy in 1967. Mr. Ditlevsen concurred and added that we hail the entire area of the services being performed close by. Mr. Denney lamented that paying everyone involved in the acquisition of those newfound customers be generously renumerated. Both agreed to implement that as policy.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney with Mr. Ditlevsen referred to his policy and breakdown of remuneration as a template for No Fire Technology. It’s adopted as company policy as of today.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen reviewed with Mr. Denney his plans for an advanced program designed for telemarketing. Mr. Ditlevsen generated millions of dollars utilizing this program he created as founder of Global Media and the Extreme Sports Television Network on Dish channel 230.

Generating the revenues on that scale helped The Extreme Sports Network became the number one sports network against Fox Television airing NASCAR on April 5th, 2005. Mr. Denney agreed and the program is now policy for the Corporate Master Satellites.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney told Mr. Ditlevsen the story of Bristol Myers Corporation sending several of its vice presidents out to personally meet each SERVPRO franchisee and discuss how and why they were so successful and loyal. Later the Bristol Myers Corporate VP’s would request a meeting with Mr. Denney. When they met they told Mr. Denney of what they did and said, “Everyone of your franchisees all agreed you’re  the best and most beloved person at SERVPRO.” 

They were astounded by the fact all of them said the same thing. They opened negotiations and within a few hours, Mr. Denney had negotiated all 200 franchisees from Bristol Meyers whereby, at the time enlarging the SERVPRO franchise footprint by one-third and generating profits the first month from this transaction.

He told Mr. Ditlevsen that the single most important thing for loyalty is trust. Mr. Ditlevsen agreed and this will always be the way No Fire Technology will operate. Honesty and integrity is company policy.


…in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen expressed to Mr. Denney his intentions of going public. Mr. Denney agreed this is the natural progression of a company with the potential and magnitude of No Fire technology.

…..also today, both discussed the new hiring of VP of Sales USA Mr. Jason Vasquez.


….in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Vasquez reviewed opening discussions with Walmart. Both agreed this is a good sign of his endeavors and encouraged the options to be further explored.

….also today Mr. Ditlevsen discussed the Walmart options and their impact on No Fire Technology with Mr. Denney. All concerned in today’s meetings are on board with furthering these prospects.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen discussed with Mr. Denney, the proposal that No Fire technology must continue with as many certifications as possible to enhance the ability of the Master Satellites to generate additional revenues. He furthers the point that this acquisition of certs will be ongoing indefinitely for the company. Both agreed and are now the company policy.

Mr. Vasquez was informed of the discussion this day and was in concurrence.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen, Mr. Denney, and Mr. Vasquez were informed of a cert discussed regarding treatments of Turn Out Gear for Firefighters. The tests will certify that AB-238 can retreat the old gear making them perform better than new. All parties addressed telephonically today agree this is one of many very important certs by the company.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen continued the development of revenue streams for the Master Satellites.

Mr. Ditlevsen told Mr. Denney that box stores roll-out will be included as part of the Master Satellites revenue drivers and their customer base development.  

Both are in agreement regarding box stores and Satellite relationships.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney discussed his setting up SERVPRO corporate entity in Nevada. 


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney talked at length with Mr. Ditlevsen about corporate structuring and how he proceeded with SEC filings for SERVPRO going public.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen continued discussions regarding his background with SEC filings.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney elaborated about the acquisition of certs he was able to do for SERVPRO. Mr. Ditlevsen reiterated to Mr. Denney how savvy he was when he seized upon the opportunity presented to him at that time. Mr. Ditlevsen explained the current environment for fire certs and the difficulty obtaining them in the context of today’s real world. Both agree these are different times.

Mr. Ditlevsen discussed certs are the domain of No Fire Laboratories. The laboratories’ only jobs are creating, pretesting, and acquisitions of these complex certifications.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney discussed the importance of helping local fire departments sell and buy used heavy equipment from each other and believe this is a service incumbent on No Fire Technology to provide them. Both agree this is an area of significant importance serving our brothers in the firefighting community.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen telephonically communicated with the VP of internet operations, Mr. Argawal that the website will continue to increase its importance to the company as a whole. Specifically addressing the Corporate Master Satellites use as a backbone to ordering online and being credited for the sales by zip codes.

Merchandise is going to be a large portion of supplemental revenue drivers for the Master Satellites. Mr. Argawal is keenly aware of Mr. Ditlevsen’s directions and will diligently work with all of the Master Satellites facilitating a seamless ordering system.

Mr. Denney and Mr. Vasquez were made aware of the contents of the meeting and are in agreement.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney see the addition of firefighting heavy equipment as a significant product. Both agree that this is a product line that needs to be integrated into the product lineup.

Both assert to reach out to manufactures in regards to these products.


….in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen discussed SEC filings and the importance of a pubic offering for No Fire Technology. Meetings are scheduled regarding furthering the prospects of the fulfillment of this corporate ambition.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney are considering expanding positions for VP of Heavy Equipment and VP of Merchandising. Both agreed discussions will continue in upcoming meetings.


….in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney suggested moving forward with a VP of Used Heavy Equipment to further accommodate our brothers in firefighting at the local level. This is considered a company directive now.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen were discussing the options of a public offering over the counter. This subject is prominently on most meeting’s agenda now.

Also discussed were the possible candidates for new executive positions as they open up.


….in a meeting today Mr. Vasquez indicated to Mr. Ditlevsen that concluding a deal with Walmart will ensure another deal with Amazon.

Mr. Ditlevsen forwarded this new development to Mr. Denney in another meeting later.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney expressed to Mr. Ditlevsen the importance of No Fire Technology’s public image. In light of the internet, it’s clear that no longer can a company ill ran escape the scrutiny of its failures. Both agreed based on their collective personal experiences the way forward is satisfying our customers is far and away the best way to ensure a positive public image.  

Mr. Denney’s many years of experience have enabled him to watch the dramatic decline of a companies reputation regardless of how much money they made and its terrible outcome.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen discussed moving closer to a public offering. 


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen is eyeing more candidates for executive positions with No Fire Technolgy. Both Mr. Denney and he feel the need for more roles to be filled by new candidates.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen conveyed to Mr. Denney and Mr. Vasquez the importance of No Fire Technology to stay actively involved in motorsports. Mr. Ditlevsen reminded all in the teleconference that the company was born in the crucible of motorsports competition. 

There is a proposal to be involved in a mid-level program that could cross-pollinate several levels of motorsports at once.

Further discussion will be on the table regarding motorsports and what the company will endeavor.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney voiced concern for the company to be involved with philanthropy. Mr. Ditlevsen agreed and added to the conversation it should be geared towards our firefighting brothers. By what means this will take shape is still a developing idea. Moreover, the company’s evolution in this field will grow with its size.


…..Mr. Denney posed an idea to combine and move the Laboratories, shipping, and testing to another state like Nevada. Mr. Ditlevsen endorsed the idea and lamented that the Las Vegas area would be good for many reasons. It’s the central hub for shipping points for the 11 western states. It also facilitates easy access to interstate mid-western and eastern routes for shipping. However, this discussion also considered that testing might be better served in a rural area to reduce exposure to starting fires from testing embers as some large-scale testing takes place outdoors.

Both agree to moire discussion on this topic in upcoming meetings


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen proposed an online game related to firefighting and more, perhaps information and technical issues currently debated regarding firefighters.

Mr. Denney was receptive to the proposal and further discussion will be on the table in upcoming meetings.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney consulted Mr. Ditlevsen about working with the rural areas to help with their acquisition of equipment. Both agree this is a good fit for the used Heavy Equipment division of sales. More of these programs will be provided by No Fire Technology and are sure to come. Both are in agreement in regards to these proposals.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen proposed an idea to Mr. Denney and Mr. Vasquez about a very cost-effective racing program. The program would in some ways blanket a large swath of motorsports and continue to heighten company awareness with the public. The program being talked about is called the Triple Crown Program whereby a single racer would encompass three high visibility series. This program may be able to also contribute mightily to the merchandise division as well.

The program is being kept within a small group to prevent others from learning too much too soon about the program but it’s sure to be exciting.  


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen requested Mr. Denney look further into a public offering for No Fire Technology. Both agreed the time is coming for this to transpire.

Also, Mr. Vasquez was updating both Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney where we are with regards to Walmart and Amazon. During the teleconference with Mr. Vasquez, Mr. Ditlevsen suggested Walmart and Amazon would also be a good fit for No FireTechnology exclusive merchandise.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen continued discussions with Mr. Denney regarding the home improvement box stores sector and the importance of them to the Master Satellites. Both are actively involved in pursuing this as a revenue source and customer building base for the Master Satellites.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney consulted Mr. Ditlevsen that his company SERVPRO was recapitalized for 1 billion dollars by Blackstone.

Mr. Denney sees more upside for companies like Blackstone to look at No Fire Technology for the enormous growth potential of revenue streams. The cache of the type of business in combination with all the products, services, merchandise, distribution points, and points of purchase could easily warrant and or exceed the same or more recapitalization by Wall Street.

As Mr. Denney has said early on the potential for No Fire Technology far exceeds anything his other company he was Co-founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney consulted Brahmam and Mr. Argawal regarding the website, the socials, and international correspondences. More development of these areas is on the table for discussions.

Both Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen want to see more comprehensive work geared in that area. There are over 2,000 companies worldwide following Instagram alone. This represents an incredible presence already achieved by No Fire Technology and further capitalization on these efforts is sure to prove fruitful for the company.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen, Mr. Denney, and Mr. Vasquez are reminded that this time of year will soon amount to a windfall for the Master Satellites as the merchandise program is fully developed.


…..in a meeting today a course of action was talked about between Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen to make efforts on a wide range of fronts that has loose ends that needed to be finished. Both agree to concentrate on those loose ends.


…..in a meeting today Both Mr. Ditlevsen and Mr. Denney are analyzing all the revenue streams for the Master Satellites. As Mr. Denney did in the past for his former company SERVPRO, under his tutelage making many of the franchisee’s millionaires the same is expected for more of the No Fire Technology Satellites.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Denney and Mr. Ditlevsen are discussing the issues of going public and its implications on the executive management. More discussions need to take place.


…..in a meeting today Mr. Ditlevsen expressed to Mr. Denney that based on the restrictions imposed for an IPO there are a lot of moving parts and many areas still to be addressed. There are many executive and corporate restrictions and all must be examined thoroughly.