Racing coursing through our company veins.

The AB-238 compound was developed; field tested, packaged and now in over two dozen brands. The compound is also available in over 144 countries.

The compound exhibits these unique qualities. Stops flame pass-through, dramatically reduces thermal heat and heat transfer to unprecedented levels, far exceeding all known levels of Du Pont’s world’s best patented Meta Aramid filaments.  

AB-238 is crystal clear with no color, no taste, no smell, and non-toxic. The compound is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and safe to the skin.

If anything was evident during the calamitous California fires of 2018 was, once a fire starts it’s very difficult to stop. That’s the entire premise of the AB-238 Compound. Catch the horse before it leaves the barn.

Although the compound Stops Flame Pass-Through making most fibers inert, its very special property to nearly stop all thermal heat transfer for an unprecedented time is truly remarkable. 

Engineers involved with independent studies, testing, and certifications are very encouraged by the compound’s unique performance characteristics.

There are considerable possibilities of more expanded domestic uses, including being required on wallboard in all fire exits, professional fire fighting apparel, aviation, aerospace programs, and the military in the future.

The AB-238 Compound will be embraced because of its unique properties. From grass Tiki Huts to commercial high-rise buildings that reach the clouds, a fire has no bounds.