R. G. Ditlevsen HOF

No Fire Technology, CEO, and Chairman Board of Directors

Communications and Entertainment Industry (Wikipedia)

  • Expertise in the media business creating new revenue drivers
  • Expertise with Intellectual properties, all forms of telephony, social media, licensing, copyrights, patents
  • Created a television network on Dish Network
  • Generated profits marketing media advertising for 45 years
  • Consulted Network Chairs, CEO’s, Presidents for companies in communications 

Triple Action Entertainment, Inc., CEO, and Chair  

  • Developed the first dedicated nationally distributed Extreme Sports Television Network
  • ESN Nielsen rated #1, April 5th 2005
  • Sold advertising to auto manufactures, fast food, and other sports products
  • ESN became profitable in its first year

Global Media, LLC,  CEO, and Chair 

  • Ad Agency for 45 years
  • Sports Television Production Company
  • GEM library consists of over 1,000 episodes of extreme sports and motorsports programming
  • Library is under GEM copyright ownership

Unlimited Stunts and Casting, CEO

  • Stuntman performing contracted work for the National Enquirer

Companies owned

Achievements and awards

  • Outperformed Fox Television and NASCAR April 5th 2005 as rated #1 by Nielsen
  • Set the current World Record of selling 4.2 million magazines in one week for the National Enquirer (Twice)
  • Inducted into the Stunt World Hall of Fame, setting over 30 World Records
  • Stuntman of the Year two-times
  • Second Longest continuous World Record in history
  • Listed by Wikipedia (unpaid and written by Wikipedia)
  • Negotiating with producers on a biography/documentary
  • Currently writing a book Solitary Man, Diary of a Stuntman
  • Bank Underwriter published a Creative Financing booklet for real estate
  • Biography Published


  • Charlie Ergen, Chairman- Dish Network
  • Bill Graham, Chief Photo Editor- National Enquirer
  • Bill Ford, Chairman- Ford Motor Company


  • Driving race cars, Weightlifting, Writing, Chemistry, Real Estate


Talbert Denney

Special consultant to Chairman of the Board of Directors for No Fire Technology

Servpro Industries Inc. Former Co-founder, President, CEO, Chairman

  • Servpro is a publically traded company and was sold to Blackstone Investments Inc. for 1 billion dollars
  • Started over 700+ franchises for Servpro and ServiceMaster
  • Generated over 400+ million dollars in revenues
  • Wrote all company manuals
  • Taught Principals Of Success to all franchisees, POS
  • Filed all-SEC documents
  • Filed all formation of corporation documents
  • Provided direct sales and presentations directives for Servpro
  • Created all policy documents for Franchisees
  • Established all Policy and corporate policy documents for Servpro
  • Background in real estate buying selling and leveraging
  • Created buy-sell agreements

Achievements and Awards

  • Listed in the book of Who’s Who as Co-founder, President, CEO, Chairman of Servpro Industries, Inc.
  • Won many national awards for most profitable Master-Franchise for ServiceMaster, Inc.
  • Biography Published


  • Car Collection, Coin Collection, Horse Ranch, Real Estate