24oz Professional Turnout Gear Re-treatment 

1st American Firefighter Turnout Gear Re-treatment is compounded to protect firefighters from flame pass through, and thermal heat as they engage fire fighting environments.

This is the professional grade highest quality product made for cleaning and re-treatment maintenance of firefighters Turnout Gear equipment. The compound can substantially mitigate flame pass through and thermal heat transfer, increasing performance levels of all lamellate including Meta Aramid filament.

This product can be deployed to defend areas from extreme thermal heat and flame pass through. Concentrated enough for creating other fire barriers, and thermal heat shields.

Can be used on new or used Turnout Gear equipment improving their effectiveness for defense of flames, and thermal heat transmission.

Compounded to work exceptionally well engaged with Meta Arimid firefighter apparel, and arranged lamellae substrates.

Meta Arimid are a plastic filament first patented by DuPont, using trademarks Nomex, Gore-Tex, Titanium, and Kevlar. [poly(meta-phenyleneisophthalamide)] These fibers are used for defending against fire. This filament is used in space suites, racing uniforms, and firefighter apparel. The filament is deployed in various ways in space programs, and other areas needed to defend against fire and heat.

On a molecular level, Meta Aramid configuration are similar in shape to macaroni. 1st American Firefighter Turnout Gear Re-treatment is specifically compounded to coat and fill the Meta Arimid filament. Encasing, filling and coating the molecular lamellae substrates with No Fire Technology AB-238 compound increases performance levels, including the Meta Arimid [Poly (meta-phenyleneisophthalamide)] filaments. The compound performs as an enhancement barrier to flame pass through, and thermal heat transfer.

1st American Firefighter Turnout Gear Re-treatment will improve the lamellate materials of Turnout gear increasing over all performance.

(Operational temperatures 3,590 degrees Fahrenheit)

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for applying and engaging Turnout Gear lamellae substrates.

This retardant MUST PERMEATE ALL LAMELLAE OF APPAREL and should be applied by agitating on gentle wash cycle 8-10 times in wash machine while soaking 12 hours. DO NOT RINSE, SPIN, OR USE OTHER WASH CYCLES. Remove after agitating and soaking 12 hours.

THEN TURN APPAREL INSIDE OUT and rest on towels curing by laying FLAT front side down and rotating FLAT to reverse side every few hours until thoroughly dry. (Circulating air over lamellae apparel will speed curing process)


ONCE TURNOUT APPAREL IS CURED reverse turn inside out apparel. Gently wipe with a damp cloth any excess treatment off out side of gear. Turnout Gear will be clean, and re-treated to maximum lamellate performance levels

This brand is Crystal Clear in appearance, No Smell, No Taste, Non-Toxic, Safe To Skin and Biodegradable.

First American FireFighter uses the world’s number one firefighting compound AB-238. The fire retardant compound of choice by the professional is considered to be one of the most powerful compounded firefighting agents worldwide.

A brand you can use with confidence to perform as advertised. 

This product is available in 24oz spray bottles, 5 gallon, and 44-gallon drums.

See your local vendor or conveniently order online.