24oz Premium Outdoor Fire Retardant

Heavy protection when you’re on your own, Deep Woods. 

It can be used on tents, sleeping bags, clothes, wood products, or most anything near an open flame or high heat.

Compounded to work best on fibrous materials, untreated wood and performs as a significant barrier to flame and thermal heat transfer improving most materials performance.

This is a very versatile fire retardant good for outdoor enthusiasts. It should be in every ‘bug out kit’ because you never know.

The 24oz Euro Ergo bottle comes with a top grade Spray Nozzle capable of several adjustments for pinpoint accuracy or spray. This product can be applied by spraying, brushed on or soaked. Its easy application makes it quick and very simple to use.

This brand is Crystal Clear in appearance, No Smell, No Taste, Non-Toxic, Safe To Skin and Biodegradable.

Deep Woods uses the worlds number one firefighting compound AB-238. The fire retardant compound of choice by the professional is considered to be one of the most powerful compounded firefighting agents worldwide.

A brand you can use with confidence to perform as advertised. 

This product is available in 24oz spray bottles, 5 gallon, and 44-gallon drums.

See your local vendor or conveniently order online.