Hand Tool Rescue Kit


Team Equipment is specialized in the sales and service of fire rescue tools for over 20 years.

The Hand Tool Rescue Kit you have always wanted to put together but never did. Now you can Pound, cut, Pry, Saw, Seal, Loosen, Tighten and Dig with an assortment of top quality industrial grade hand tools built to deliver years of dependable service. The kit features Sandvik “ergonomic” tools specially designed to reduce or end work related injuries. 

The kit also includes specialized tools such as the “Gam” Crash rescue tool for cutting glass and metal, heavy duty seat belt cutter, cable cutter with insulated handles for working on line voltages up to 1,000 volts, military spec tri-fold shovel and more. All tools carried in a plastic case. Ship. wt. 40 lbs.