24oz Military SF Operator Compounded Fire Retardant

Defends against extreme heat in access of 3,590* Fahrenheit.

NEW    ***Now Releases an Antiseptic***

No Fire Technology Force Multiplier

Our military has soldiers who see in the night an are bulletproof. Now they can have a uniform that is heatproof, fireproof and releases an antiseptic.

Max Warrior is now available to the open public. This revolutionary American Military Grade product demonstrates remarkable characteristics not yet seen by anyone. Max Warrior Fire Retardant is specially compounded for the Special Force Operator to have the uniform release an antiseptic when needed. Simple instructions on the bottle inform the Warrior how to deploy this antiseptic.

The Warrior can add this to his kit without any more equipment or weight and ‘Gets More Kit, But Less Filling’!

This compound should be in every McGyver toolbox. Still can be used in applications of the auto, truck, big rig and large equipment. It’s concentrated to allow the Warrior to fabricate and custom make heat shields and thermal barriers for extreme heat defense.

It can be used on anything near an open flame or high heat source.

Compounded to work exceptionally well on fibrous materials, poly meta-phenylene isophthalamide filaments and performs as a significant barrier to flame and thermal heat transfer improving most materials performance.

This is a very powerful and versatile fire retardant good for most anything that needs to mitigate thermal heat transfer or ignition by fire. Your Warrior Kit or Bug Out kit will never be the same. 

Fortune Favors The Prepared Mind,”  Louis Pasteur

The 24oz Euro Ergo bottle comes with a top grade Spray Nozzle capable of several adjustments for pinpoint accuracy or spray. This product can be applied by spraying, brushed on or soaked. Its easy application makes it quick and very simple to use.

This brand is Crystal Clear in appearance, No Smell, No Taste, Non-Toxic, Safe To Skin and Biodegradable.

Max Warrior uses the worlds number one firefighting compound AB-238. The fire retardant compound of choice by the professional is considered to be one of the most powerful compounded firefighting agents worldwide.

A brand you can use in confidence with built-in protection to perform as advertised. 

This product is available in 24oz spray bottles, 5 gallon, and 44-gallon drums.

See your local vendor or conveniently order online.