24oz  ProfessionaRacing Uniform Treatment / re-Treatment

Use the only product formulated and specifically engineered for your race uniforms.

UNISOAK Race Uniform Treatment is the #1 treatment and re-treatment for all of DuPont’s Meta Aramids [Nomex, GoreTex, Titanium etc]. You risk it all all the time, shouldn’t you have the fire protection you need in an emergency, all the time? 

The UNISOAK firefighting brand is a specially compounded agent that’s highly effective for Meta Aramids at operational temperatures beyond 3,590* Fahrenheit.  

Applying this highly advanced compound even to a brand new uniform will make it perform better than originally manufactured. You can also re-treat an old uniform that is otherwise in good condition making the Meta-Aramid filament in that uniform, perform even better than new! 

Each 24oz Bottle contains enough compound for as many as 3-5 treatments.

See the videos that shocked the world by clicking the video on the nav bar.

Watch the same single swatch of a simple, ‘Treated T-shirt’ defeat ‘100 new swatches of DuPont’s worlds best patented Meta Aramids.’

See for yourself how much an improved ‘Treated Uniform defeats fire and heat in simultaneous tests of swatches of ‘Treated Nomex’ vs ‘Untreated Nomex.’

Witness a man put his bare skinned hand directly in 3,590 degrees of fire and heat carrying a conversation during a minute an a half demonstration.

Are you going to believe your lying eyes?  

Once you Dry Clean your uniform, it’s eliminated any ability for that uniform to fight the fire. Even if you gently wash that uniform its nothing more than a glorious set of pajamas. Deal with it. We’re racers too and we’ve bet our lives on UNISOAK for a decade. Dry Cleaning is not dry. The process requires an extremely toxic fluid, [so toxic you can’t buy it]  pushed back and forth through the uniform. Every time you either wash or dry clean you need to retreat your uniform.

 On a molecular, cellular level, the Meta Aramids are a tubular structure similar to a piece of macaroni. UNISOAK is the only specifically engineered compounded agent for use on Meta-Aramid Filament. Meta-Aramid filament is used in making racing uniforms, NASA Space Suits and other Space Shuttle and Space related programs utilizing the Dupont patented filament. [Nomex, GoreTex, Titanium etc].

Can also be deployed in areas that need thermal high heat protection. The Unisoak compound is concentrated to allow fabrication of custom-made heat shields and thermal barriers for extreme heat defense. Performing these procedures can significantly reduce thermal heat build-up in areas vulnerable to those extremes.

Used for insulating the cockpit, exhaust systems, anywhere under the hood or generating heat in the power terrain. Also, an excellent product for protecting those footwells from heat build up too. 

It can be used on most anything near an open flame or high heat.

Compounded to work exceptionally well on the patented DuPont Meta Aramids [Nomex, GoreTex, Titanium etc], fibrous materials and performs as a significant barrier to flame and thermal heat transfer improving most materials performance.

This is an extremely powerful and versatile fire retardant good for most anything that needs to mitigate thermal heat transfer or fueled ignition by fire.

The 24oz Euro Ergo bottle comes with a top grade Spray Nozzle capable of several adjustments for pinpoint accuracy or spray. This product can be applied by spraying, brushed on or soaked. Its easy application makes it quick and very simple to use.

This brand is Crystal Clear in appearance, No Smell, No Taste, Non-Toxic, Safe To Skin and Biodegradable.

UNISOAK Race Uniform Treatment uses the worlds number one firefighting compound AB-238. The fire retardant compound of choice by the professional is considered to be one of the most powerful compounded firefighting agents worldwide.

A manufacturer and brand you can use with confidence having the built-in protection to perform as advertised. 

This product is available in 24oz spray bottles, 5 gallon, and 44-gallon drums.

See your local vendor or conveniently order online.