Here’s how you can start your own Fire Fighting Business with all the support you need to be successful.

Territorial Satellites- Hybrid Corporate and Local Business Owners

Our Territorial Satellite owners are set up from the beginning for success. “Make them business owners and give them an opportunity to become rich.”  This system is what we call, Hybrid Corporate and Local ‘Territorial Satellites’. 

Simply Select Your Territory!  It’s that easy. Secure your own exclusive proprietary territorial licensing agreement and retain 90% of the net revenue generated.

Services Offered By Territorial Satellites

Home and Commercial Fire Safety Inspections, Field Applications, New Construction development and Contractor Relations, Historic an Architectural Treatments, Home and Commercial structures treated, Abandoned Buildings, Roofing applications, and roofing Companies etc.  

Products Offered By Territorial Satellites

Manufacturer direct pricing, Over two dozen brands of Fire Retardants, Fire Blankets, NFT Truss Joint Blankets and Shields, Gloves, Apparel, Automotive Thermal Barrier Blankets, Composite Heat Shields, Professional Equipment, Brands Merchandise,  [Hats, Jackets, T-Shirts, and Decals etc].  Anything treated by NFT becomes its unique product representing thousands of products that don’t need to be stocked, just sold and delivered.

Website Catalogue Offered By Territorial Satellites  

The Satellites will have the full spectrum of NFT  products catalog backbone to integrate on their website with pay station for orders they will be credited for.

A Satellite may opt to only use NFT website precipitating a completely modern business ran entirely on the Internet. 

Use NFT website because anytime a shipment is processed in your territory you’re paid!

Segment the business by mediums like legacy media and digital media, consignment sales and commercial sales. You decide in your territory what works for you.

Spin-Off Territorial Satellite Businesses

Additional NFT businesses will be created worldwide from Heavy Equipment sales, Merchandising Brands, Small Chain stores,  Fire House Restaurants,  Firemen’s  Steak Houses, Fire House Coffee shops, Novelty Shops, Theme Parks, Apparel, Games, Fire Truck Toys, Interactive Online Games, Online products etc.

Territorial Satellite Direct To Manufacturer

The Territorial Satellite may have several businesses including MLM’s between them and their own retail customer base.

Example of Marketing Structures and Illustrated Diagrams;